Dr. Magic News



1. Dr. Magic's favorite sport is baseball.

2. Dr. Magic is ambidextrous.

3. Dr. Magic has a brother, a sister, and two step-brothers.

4. Dr. Magic's favorite color is red.

5. Dr. Magic's astrological sign is both Scorpio and Sagittarius, depending on which atrological chart you use.  He was born on November 22nd.

6. When performing small magic tricks close up Dr. Magic uses sleight-of-hand methods exclusively to accomplish the magic, he never uses "trick" apparatus.

7. Dr. Magic used to have a pet dog named Troll.

8. Dr. Magic is 5'7" tall.

9. Dr. Magic loves to read and usually reads 50-60 books a year.

10. Dr. Magic loves to go to the movies. His favorite movie stars are Johnny Depp and Ellen Page.


More Dr. Magic Shows Coming Soon!


Dr. Magic and the producers of "The Dr. Magic Show" are hard at work making new episodes of the program. In addition to brand new episodes for 2011, Pearl River Productions will offer six episodes of "The Dr. Magic Show" from an earlier season to TV stations carrying the show as lagniappe (a little something extra).

 "We're excited about the show and that every week more and more TV stations have signed up to carry it," said Dr. Magic.  "Hopefully, one day the show will be on in every city in the U.S. and Canada," Dr. Magic said. "As long as kids enjoy the show, we'll keep making them."




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