The Dr. Magic Story

When Dr. Magic was six years old he got interested in magic.  On his eighth birthday Dr. Magic got a magic set and has been performing magic ever since.

Dr. Magic practiced magic and did it only as a hobby from age eight until he was a freshman in high school.  While in high school Dr. Magic started performing magic professionally at birthday parties, summer camps and Christmas parties.  "I remember doing four Breakfast with Santa  shows at our local McDonald's a few weeks before Christmas when I was 17," Dr. Magic said.  "That was a big deal for me, and good money."

  While other high school kids were making their money babysitting, mowing lawns or working at fast food establishments, Dr. Magic earned his money by performing magic shows.  "I did lots and lots of magic shows at birthday parties," Dr. Magic remembers.

During his college years, Dr. Magic earned money doing stand up comedy, working as a nightclub D.J., a private party D.J. and, of course, as a magician.  While performing magic shows during his college years Dr. Magic learned the importance of adding comedy to magic to make his overall performance even more entertaining.

For a few years after college Dr. Magic lived in Los Angeles where he wrote jokes for stand up comedians. But, he soon realized that he wanted to get the laughs his jokes generated. He loved magic for others to get the laughs and wanted to be a professional magician, not a comedy writer writing jokes for others to get laughs with.  As a result, slowly over the years Dr. Magic developed his own style, a blend of comedy and magic.  That unique style is not as evident in his performances on the Dr. Magic TV show as it is in his live performances, especially live performances of close up magic.

Dr. Magic started performing on TV in the late nineties in a number of shows.  Some of the shows he starred in eventually ended their run and went off the air, others were shows where he was not the star but merely hired to host.  "I hosted a show about up and coming bands and another one about real estate just to name two that I still remember," Dr. Magic said with a chuckle.

In 1998 the first edition of "The Dr. Magic Show" was produced and broadcast.  The show has been playing on TV somewhere in the United States ever since.  Now, thirteen years later, the 2011 edition of "The Dr. Magic Show" (15 new episodes) is being released to TV stations around the U.S. and Canada.   

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Ten Questions for Dr. Magic

Question #1. There are dog people and cat people, which are you? 
Answer:  Well, I like both.  But when it gets down to it, I'm a dog person.  I like a pet that loses its mind with happiness every time it sees me.


Question #2. Do you have a nickname?
Answer:  People I work with call me D.M., which is just short for Dr. Magic.  Some people call me The Magic One, especially when talking about me.  Like someone might say: "The Magic One stepped on my foot." Or maybe, "The Magic One just knocked over camera three."  And occasionally I'm called Doc.


Question #3. Who is your favorite magician?
Answer:  I have a few favorites. They're not nationally known celebrities. They're only known within the magic fraternity by other magicians.  Of the celebrity magicians you've heard of. My favorite is Criss Angel.


Question #4. What's your favorite food?
Answer:  Memphis dry-rub barbecued ribs.  I love good barbecue.


Question #5. If you weren't a magician, what would you do for a living?
Answer:  I'd be a novelist.  I'd write comedy novels.


Question #6. What would you like to do in the future?
Answer:  I'd like to go on a national tour with my own live magic show.  Basically it would be "Dr. Magic Live in Concert".


Question #7. You're already on TV, would you like to make a movie?
Answer:  Sure.  I'd like to make either an action-adventure or a comedy.


Question #8. You said, you'd be a novelist if you weren't a magician, ever think of writing a book?
Answer:  I hope to write a book this year, but not a novel.  I plan on writing a magic book for kids so they can learn how to perform a few magic tricks and have fun with magic.  It's a great hobby.


Question #9. Do you have a hobby?
Answer:  I have things I like to do when I'm not working, but I don't think of them as hobbies.  For instance, I like to go to baseball games. I go to about 20 games during baseball season, but I don't think of that as a hobby like stamp collecting or birdwatching.  I also like to go to the movies.  I probably see 30-40 movies a year at movie theaters, not counting movies I watch on TV and DVDs.  It's something I do, but is it a hobby?  I don't know.


Question #10. What are your immediate plans?
Answer:  To make more episodes of the Dr. Magic TV show.  I love doing the show and hope to be on TV for a long, long time.


Interviewer:  Thank you, Magic One.
Dr. Magic (smiling): You're welcome.


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